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About Us


Good coffee takes time, patience and love to make. We are remembered by many through time because of the same dedication we have put into our work.
No fast process or chemicals to give discerning results, the coffee holds the presence of time and nostalgia, and will always remind you of the first cup you ever had.

Our coffee is everything that reminds you of love, peace and nostalgia. Manufacturers in the best quality coffee beans and powders of several blends.

Our best coffee powders and coffee beans have been around for a long, but only the ones who truly love us know us and remember us, Our aromatic smell of coffee fills up the streets of Malleshwaram, Bangalore since 2002, and our generational old wholesale house is in Mysuru.

Our Philosophy

From perfecting each stage of coffee from the seed to the cup.
We put care and attention to detail and put in detail not only the flavor of the ideal cup of coffee but also the entire ecology involved in its production.

From the time we started out in 1982 we have consistently tested, researched and been implementing the best methods to provide coffee and always pushed ourselves to raise our bar.

Our legacy of over 40 years is rooted in the coffee plantations of Coorg and Chikmagalur, which have been providing absolute timeless, nostalgic flavor’s for all our coffee lovers around the world!

Our freshly roasted Arabica, Robusta, and blended coffees have been ground and packaged as per request.

We send our coffee across India, and we’re glad to have thousands of happy customers who love our unconventional approach to coffee.

“Quality is our motto”

The best quality in every sip, we take the best care of our coffee to ensure your cup is true to the taste.
Consistent and Genuine flavors
Our pride lies in the aromatic, genuine coffee that everyone loves and wants to have. Our coffee is produced in the most perfect and aromatic way without any shortcuts.

Gayathri Coffee was born out of the dream to provide high-quality coffee that’s traceable and brewed to perfection from farm to cup. We believe that finding the coffee you like is a journey and there’s always something new out there waiting for you!

We use best German Roasters, Grinders and Packing Machines.


For three generations, our coffee has been striving to be the best one in the country.


Our story of love for coffee began in 1982, and to date, through three generations our family has been providing coffee beans of high quality.


We pick the best coffee of the lot while ensuring sustainable and responsible cultivation through the plantations of Coorg and Chikmagalur.

Our blends use high-quality Arabica Coffee beans and Indian Robusta with precision to give an exquisite flavor and keep the coffee fresh for longer.

Carefully chosen coffee beans are roasted in our factory to create a variety of entrancing, delectable, and aromatic coffees. To meet different client needs, we provide both pure and blended coffee.


We ship our products to various consumer bases across India and the World.

Experience the magnificent taste of South Indian Coffee

When people think of South India, the images of beautifully sculpted temples, pleasant beaches, and finger-licking food comes to mind. However, one under-appreciated aspect of the region is the fantastic South Indian coffee. The refreshing aroma and sweet taste of the filter coffee have been a staple drink of South Indians for years and have now captured the imagination of people worldwide; with the presence of a sizeable diaspora and the worldwide success of movies like Bahubali and RRR.

What makes South Indian Coffee stand out among its global counterparts?y

There are several popular coffees associated with a country or region, namely Italian espresso, Irish coffee, and Turkish coffee. Why should India not have its own standard then? The South Indian Coffee is here to fill that void. When consumed with medu vada, it is pure bliss! Gayathri coffee provides you with some of the most unique blends you would ever come across and you can buy coffee online from our store.

Here’s what makes this coffee from southern India so unique compared to its global equivalents.

Chicory: Chicory is an herb found in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The herbaceous plant is slightly woody and produces bright blue flowers. There is a distinct aroma of chicory which makes South Indian coffee all the more pleasant. The coffee blended with chicory eliminates the bitterness of coffee powder and lends an element of sweetness to your beverage.




Road No 7, Duplin Complex, near Small Clock Tower,
Shivarampet, Mysuru, Karnataka – 570001


172, Between 8th & 10th Cross Road, Sampige Rd,
Melleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560003
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