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Custom Coffee


Create your own personalized coffee blend, we don’t judge!
Craft your coffee the way you like, and enjoy it, however!

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A Guide to Creating Your Custom Coffee
Why spend unnecessarily on overpriced coffee when you can brew a custom coffee of your own; that too sitting in your living room?! We at Gayathri Coffee understand every coffee lover is unique in her own way. What is preferred by one coffee lover may not suit the taste of the other. That’s why it is necessary to know about different types of coffee preparations to know what suits you best.

Here are some popular methods of brewing a custom coffee blend that you would love.

French Press: In this method, coarsely grounded coffee powder is used. A tablespoon of the coarse powder is put into the pot and hot water is added. After this, the plunger is inserted and pressed slowly.

Aero Press: Aero Press is a compact brewing machine that uses medium or finely ground coffee powder. This is ideal for travellers who like to customize coffee.

Cold Brew: When coarse coffee beans are soaked in cold water for hours, it is referred to as cold brew. Coarse coffee is used in cold brew. The standard time for soaking the coffee beans is 8 hours.
Moka Pot: For those who can’t live without an espresso, the Moka Pot is apt for them. It’s a stovetop coffee maker that consists of a vessel, coffee collector, and filter basket. Finely ground coffee powder is used in a Moka Pot.

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