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Classic Coffee Experience With a heritage and expertise in supplying coffee that spans 5 generations, we offer a wide range of coffees with a delightfully unique personality and taste profile. These 100% pure coffee come with zero additives, such as chicory – to provide you with an unblemished coffee experience.

Bringing the exquisite flavours of coffee to your kitchen is an art that we have excelled in for over 50 years now. Whether your preference is for a strong Italian style espresso, brewed with a French Press; or a traditional South Indian filter coffee, you will find a Gayathri Coffee that meets your taste perfectly.

As you sip this coffee (best suited with milk), you’ll enjoy the comforting aromas of cocoa and brownies. While it is best brewed using a South Indian Filter, it works well across other brewing methods as well.

The Gayathri Coffee with its high chicory content lends a heavy-bodied and extremely creamy cup. This is the perfect choice for those who like a thick consistency in their Filter Coffee decoction. Enjoy sipping on your extra-strong hot cuppa without having to worry about your caffeine intake with the relatively even coffee-chicory ratio

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